1970 Torino Cobra Real Deal 429 Super Cobra Jet!

1970 Torino Cobra—Real Deal 429 Super Cobra Jet! - YouTube


In 1970, Ford’s Drag Pack option may have been the best $155 you could spend—possibly in all of Detroit. The new-for-1970 Torino Cobra was a pretty hot package for your $3,270 entry fee, with its standard 360-horse Thunder Jet four-barrel V-8 (code N) and Hurst-shifted Toploader four-speed, competition suspension with 14 x 7-inch wheels wearing white-letter tires, blacked-out hood and grille, hood pins, plus specific moldings and logos on a dramatic all-new body. Dual exhaust was standard-issue on all 429-equipped Torinos, as was a bench seat, four-wheel drum brakes, and an open 9-inch Ford rear. No tach, no console… nothing extraneous. Torino Cobra was a down-and-dirty street fighter.



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