80-Acre, 8,000 Car Idaho Junkyard – Show Up With $3,000,000 And You Own It!

A hole was burning in my pocket so one day a friend and I went out to find a project. We started at a salvage yard called “Martins” between Greeley and Loveland Colorado on Hwy 34, and later ended up at Georges. Our path lead us to a lot of potential projects, but none as savory as the Auburn. Of coarse, how do you walk up to a stranger and ask to buy a car he has had since the early sixties, Is a full classic, has been gathering hard to find parts for years, and he just doesn’t want to sell? Well we sure did enjoy meeting George and looking at his 1932 Auburn.

For Sale: 80-Acre, 8,000 Car Idaho Junkyard – Show Up With $3,000,000 And You Own It!

If you travel southeast of Boise in Idaho for about an hour you will end up in the middle of nowhere but there you will stumble on the best-buy junkyard at the moment. This is a property that is about 100 acres big ant is littered by around 8 000 cars from the past. You must have seen similar junkyards littered with specks of gold but not as much gold as L&L has to offer you. While most of them are covered in rust, they are still very savable since the weather in Idaho is not that destructive and we are pretty sure most of the rust is superficial.


After being in business for about 80 years the owners of this place decided it is time to move on so they are trying to sell the entire package deal and just hand over the keys and wrenches to somebody that is willing to “dig for gold” on their property. They do not want to bother and inventory the whole thing since they say there are a few buildings as well that are full of parts from top to bottom. For better understanding the sheer size of the yard take a look at the aerial photos and see if you can recognize something you like.

If somebody is in the area and can send us additional photos we would sure be grateful, and maybe we can even help one of you to become the new owner of this lot.

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