Street Hemi: 1966 Plymouth Satellite


This Plymouth may not look very intimidating sitting there, but there’s a 425 horsepower 426 Hemi V8 under the hood! This thing is a serious sleeper and is claimed to have only covered 54k miles since new. The first owner was an American fighter pilot who ordered the car while in Germany.

The fender tag is in German and there are kilometer markings on the speedometer. It was featured in Hot Rodding Magazine back in 1977 and appears to be in the same condition it was back then. It’s located in Coffee Springs, Alabama and is listed here on eBay with a $75k BIN and the option to place a bid.

Unfortunately, the photos provided in the listing aren’t the best. You’d think that with a car so valuable, could have taken the time to snap a few decent photos or at least paid someone else to do it. Oh well, I suppose the important bits are visible… It doesn’t really matter what body is wrapped it, it’s the 426 Hemi that people want.

That the car drives like new so this should be a blast to have around. I’d be afraid to drive it too much though because of how original it is.

Here’s a clipping of the Hot Rodding article the car appeared in. Notice the air dams sticking out underneath the front bumper. I wasn’t able to find any information about that option online, so maybe one of you can fill us in.

Could this have been a European only thing or was it something that was fitted on Mopars here in the States too? Its German roots do make the car more interesting, but I’m not sure how much it adds to the value.

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