1968 Dodge Charger Has Big Hemi V8 And Rare Color Combo


Dodge is one of those companies whose influence on the American car culture remains extremely predominant today. While they have been in the news in recent years due to the creation of models such as the Hellcat Chargers and Challenger, even the oldest models in the Dodge lineup still live on as the nation’s favorite muscle cars. Unlike some other vehicles, which are typically classified as muscle cars, such as the Challenger and Barracuda, pony cars.

The Charger was an actual muscle car that checked nearly every qualification to earn this title, especially in the second generation. This gen saw the introduction of some excellent engine options, such as the ever-popular 440 ci V8 and other V8 powerhouses. However, this particular car has something far more unique, a 426 ci Hemi. But what makes this such an awesome addition to this vehicle?

First of all, that beautiful powerplant had a higher output than any other Mopar engine that had ever been produced at that time. With a rating of 425 horsepower, this was considered one of the first engines to hit a power to CID ratio of 1:1. However, the cool thing about the motor is that buyers regularly reported an actual output of around 500 horsepower, which makes sense because of the high torque.

Of course, this would have made the hype surrounding the cars at the time similar to that of a modern-day Hellcat or Demon, which is why the Dodge Chargers remain one of America’s most desirable production vehicles. But, of course, the engine is far from the only good attribute that this car is packing.

This gorgeous 1968 Dodge Charger boasts a mysterious Burgundy Poly paint with the iconic black R/T stripes. One of the fascinating features of this car is that it is almost entirely original, except for any parts that need to be replaced.

This is because of the body-off-frame restoration, which successfully rebuilt this iconic masterpiece to its former glory with style and grace. Not only is the car itself incredibly famous in pop culture, but the engine is also one of the most desirable powerhouses available in the classic Dodge lineup.

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