This 1967 Ford Mustang Is The Ultimate Muscle Car Daily Driver

Imagine yourself in 1964. It’s a very important time for the automotive industry. The baby boomers have all just gotten their driver’s licenses, and you and your closest friends are all attending a free hot dog and soda event at the closest Ford dealership as they showcase their newest car — the Ford Mustang.

The crowd loves it so much that 22,000 units sell on the opening day. The car becomes an instant classic before classic was even a thing. In 1967, much to everyone’s surprise, the Mustang had a slight redesign. How could Ford improve on perfection was the question on everyone’s mind? Well, has an absolutely perfect example of a 1967 and Brian Kennedy is here to tell us how they could, in fact, improve.

The Engine That Powers The Classic Mustang

We’re presented with a classic Lime Gold colored 1967 Ford Mustang which is in Hazlet, NJ and the seller is asking for only $20,000. Brian tells us that the car is not described in full detail in the ad, but that the engine is a redone but not overdone 289 ci, which mates to a custom exhaust.

The odometer shows a realistic 73,000 miles which Brian tells us “scats” which essentially translates to a car that got built to drive rather than being a trophy queen.

Red Mustangs Are A Dime A Dozen

Brian tells us the Lime Gold color offered by Ford was a rather popular color in the 60s when the world still had color as opposed to the many shades of gray, white, and black that we’ve become accustomed to. The longer design meant more real estate to paint with the Lime Gold, which is in great shape and does a great job of making the car still look smaller than it is.

The black vinyl roof also matches perfectly with the color. Not to mention that in 2005, when the Mustang made the retro-look comeback, Legend Lime was the color Ford decided to unveil it with and made a booming re-introduction.

Perfect Interior For A Perfect Future Classic Muscle Car

As for the options, Brian tells us the car could have AC, power steering, a console, or one of several radios as the one that is present in the photos is not stock. The seats come in a black/green vinyl that mimics the exterior, and a beige and black carpeting system. There appear to be no cracks in the dash or vinyl and everything looks incredibly clean, including the new radio install.

Not everyone needs or wants stock everything. Perhaps you are the person who wants to listen to your favorite Queen CD blasting Bohemian Rhapsody while driving down the country road in your 1967 uniquely colored Mustang while the custom exhaust roars its ultra-American notes.


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