One-Owner 1959 Chevrolet Bel Air Is Original And Unrestored – Sitting For Decades…


In other words, the Impala parted ways with the Bel Air in 1959, though the two continued to share their underpinnings, as well as the engines and so many other parts.

What we have here is an absolutely mesmerizing 1959 Bel Air that has never been restored. That’s true; the car isn’t necessarily the perfect-10 Bel Air that collectors are drooling over, but with the right restoration, this is precisely what it could end up becoming.

Very important to know is that the paint on the body is still the one that came with the car. So if you’re looking for original coolness, this Bel Air is it.

Sitting for 2 decades, this Chevrolet Bel Air had just one owner since it rolled off the assembly lines, and without a doubt, this adds to its current value. It’s hard to find a one-owner Bel Air these days, especially because a car so old typically comes with lots of problems and missing parts.

Under the hood, you’ll find a six-cylinder engine that still starts. That’s right, it’s the original engine, still in a working state, and still starting like on day one. The transmission also shifts properly, but the car has no brakes.

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