Abandoned Garage Filled With Lamborghinis, Ferrari, Porsche, ‘67 Shelby GT500… And That’s Not Even All.

It is the dream of many car enthusiasts… to find a collection of cars in a dusty abandoned barn.

It happened to the 21-year-old car collector Vince Hernandez.

This isn’t just some ordinary barn find either, among the dusty highlights are several Lamborghini Countachs, a Porsche 911 Speedster with a ridiculously low 41 miles on the odometer and an original Ford Shelby GT500 once commissioned by the late Carroll Shelby himself. And that’s not even all.

Do you believe it? Among 8 cars there are real exclusives with low original miles though.

Abandoned barn also included a Ferrari 400 automatic, Cadillac Series 62, rare Buick GSX and a 1969 Hemi Charger. Talk about having some of America’s finest.

Sadly, there aren’t many details who it once belonged to, who it belongs to know, or even more details about the vehicles found.

Although there is some need more than just a duster to make the most of the cars back on the road, the value of the collection can be estimated at least $ 2 million.

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