1974 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme: A One Hit Wonder.

“Supreme” may a bit of a stretch on this 1974 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme. They really didn’t spring for much.

Outside of the slightly extra cost Supreme package, this Zodiac Blue example didn’t partake in any tempting luxuries other than air conditioning and top of the line Super Stock wheels.

Our feature car seems to have lost a battle with a forklift. Also at some point there was a dispute over who had the right of way. Neither helped the Cutlass to a better place than it is in now.

So now lets’ look at the real salmon and potatoes. That somehow means “let us look at the bright side” — all the engine hardware and linkage you could ever need is present! Except for cruise control. That is for rich folks.

It does have a complete set of 15-inch Super Stock wheels! If you only knew the perils and pit falls of the journey Junkyard Life endured to get those same-sized wheels that are on our Olds wagon.

That would be a much bigger deal to you. Most wheels of Super Stock design are 14-inch. Plus, there will always be a following of these round eyed Colonnades. So is there more? Could have been.

Actually you did have a V-8. The famous Oldsmobile Rocket. In this example, it was a 350 c.i.d. Now for the fun stuff…what you could have had! In 1974 a 455 cubic inch power plant was available. Here are some more optional packages:

The End?
Usually, we wrap up a story with hope for the future. In this case, the Automotive Grim Reaper seems to be driving. Outside of the parts we mentioned (mainly on the front of the Cutlass) this one is done.

We do hope something good comes from the parts. We can hope.

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