1965 Mustang Fastback Should Make For An Interesting Project Car.


Some people will spend lots of cash on modern-day replicas as long as they’re rare or extremely well made. Wouldn’t you rather have the real deal, though?

One way to go would be to begin restoring an iconic American muscle car, such as the Ford Mustang. This first-gen 1965 Fastback model, as mentioned in its eBay ad, could make for a great Shelby clone or just a solid, run-of-the-mill restomod.

The car currently doesn’t have an engine, yet the original 3-speed transmission is still there and the body is described as being “very solid”, although it’s obvious by the images that this ’65 Mustang could definitely use some aesthetic work.

Same could be said about the interior, too, which needs to be reupholstered top to bottom, and there’s a lot of rewiring that needs to be done for the gauge cluster, which you can either replace or restore – probably the former if you’re going for a Shelby replica.

The seller claims that the car hasn’t been driven since 1983, and that when it was all said and done, it had accumulated roughly 100,000 miles (160,000 km) on its 289 cu.in (4.7-liter) V8 engine, which is no longer with the car.

As for what it looked like originally, the exterior was Prairie Bronze, to go with the Parchment cabin, which is mostly cream colored. Now, is it worth investing money and lots of time into rebuilding this ‘Stang and making it road worthy again? For a Mustang lover who isn’t afraid of undertaking such an arduous project, probably yes.

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