1969 Chevy Chevelle With 900hp Mean Street Beast!

1969 Chevy Chevelle With 900hp Mean Street Beast!
1969 Chevy Chevelle With 900hp Mean Street Beast!

We are representing you this awesome Chevy Chevelle from 1969 with 900hp and it’s a street legal muscle car.

This Chevelle is owned by Jerry and Carrie McColly of Salem,Oregon that goes very well with the asphalt and passes its competition like they’re late-night snacks (we all love late-night snacks).

Every big engine needs a super gear as a big set of heads to help it “breathe”. For sure a pair of Merlins will do a great job and meet the need. One of the best products from their wide range when it comes to so-called breathing engine is the Ultradyne 0.648-inch lift solid roller setup and a set of Comp Cams Pro Magnum rockers.

chevelle interior

The bottom end is equally up to the task, with a steel Eagle crank and H-beam rods swinging a set of Mahle forged slugs. But one of the tasks that It is truly hard to archive is to hook-up 900-plus horses to the ground, so that means that you have to have the right and the best components to create a hell of an engine so-called the monster motor. So that is the reason way every super engine is so carefully, precisely and accurately designed in order he can reach its goal, like the desired speed stream.

One simple example of that is the Turbo 400 trans engine which was meticulously assembled by Pro-Built, using severe-duty clutches, special heat-treated sprags, and a manual valve body. A Hughes 3,000-stall race converter bolts up to an SFI-spec flex plate, and for added safety the entire trans is encased in a blow-proof blanket.

chevelle engine

When it comes to turning heads, getting the right stance is just as important as having all the right hardware to turn the tires, so we come to conclusion that one of the most important components of the whole infernal machine are also its tires as well as the front and the rear.

The connoisseurs of good cars certainly know well the famous. The Chevelle hunkers down on a set of Billet Specialties Street Lite wheels (8s in front, 10s in the rear) with humongous 325/50-15 M/T Drag Radials stuffed up inside the stock rear wheel wells. Many of those connoisseurs of good cars were trying to build a “chevy”, but the ones famous of building the one worthy calling her like that, were the guys called Jerry and Evan of Salem, Oregon.

Building a Chevy, they decided to remain true to the Bow Tie breed, and out back you’ll find the ubiquitous 12-bolt rear end. This one’s been beefed considerably however, with a Moroso Brute Strength posi spinning a set of 4.10 cogs. At the end it be good if we say a word or two about the external appearance of the car.

Maybe that is not the most important thing about this super engine, but it is good for one super engine also to be known to be personalized perhaps by some elegant color like the purple hue otherwise known as Ultra Violet, which was masterfully applied by the folks at Pacific Roadster Customizing, so likable hundred would all revolved in her so that would be a masterpiece of a car both internally and externally.

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