The Rarest 1969 SS396 L78/L89 M21 4.10 Chevelle Ever Discovered, Having Been Hidden For 40 Years!

Super Rare Daytona Yellow Chevelle SS 396 L78/L89 | Hot Cars

We encourage you to check out this incredible find, maybe the rarest 1969 SS396 L78/L89 M21 4.10 Chevelle ever discovered, which has been hidden for 40 years!

I’m sure you’ve heard several times from various sources about how they discovered the rarest find in years, but I’m guessing those people weren’t Patrick Nichols, and when Patrick says anything like that, we should pay attention.

Crazy Rare 1969 Chevelle SS396 Found After 40 Years In Hiding

He managed to obtain a real unicorn in front of his camera lens once more, implying that he found an automobile that has been off the road since 1977 and has been hidden from the public eye.

This incredible machine is still covered in factory paint, which may appear psychedelic to today’s eyes, but keep in mind that this was the 1960s, and designers had greater freedom in terms of how they did their work and what colors they used.

Super Rare Daytona Yellow Chevelle SS 396 L78/L89 | Hot Cars

Many people may dislike the color, but we adore it since it perfectly captures the spirit of the 1960s, therefore if it were up to us, we would leave it alone and never repaint it.

We’ll leave the details to Patrick, as usual, because, let’s face it, we know absolutely nothing about this automobile compared to him, so we’ll leave it to the expert.

Patric has the keys in his pocket this time and gladly treats our ears to the amazing sound of the Chambered Exhaust, which was quickly discontinued but not before the vehicle left the factory floor.

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