“ABSURD” – Nasty 1930 Ford Model A Coupe Hot Rod

Everything is crazy in this unusual, blazingly tuned and glowing 1930 Ford Model A coupe named “ABSURD”.

At first glance, the Hot Rod looks more like a Hot Wheels car then a traditional hot rod, its flamboyant, colorful, it has personality and it has a childlike presence to it but not in a bad way.

In a good way like Radical Rod was built straight out of a child’s imagination of dreaming big and having a real version of your favorite hot wheels car. This car built on childhood dreams and imagination is Bruce Harvey’s 1930 Ford Model A Hot Rod nicknamed “ABSURD”. It’s a Hot Rod, it’s a Street Rod, in other words, it’s a Radical Rod.

The Idea for “ABSURD” came when Bruce was at a car show in Pittsburgh and he saw an old neglected 1930 Ford A coupe and he knows he could turn into a special one of a kind Hot Rod with the only limit being his Imagination. When Bruce started with Radical Rod he originally built as a Silver Rat Rod called Ratical Rod (how original) but then he kept getting new Ideas and started changing the car more and more.

Soon the car was Radical Rod with its two-tone Red and Orange paint job, it’s one of a kind, cut rear fenders, the Body is chopped 4” and channeled and sectioned 8” and is 8” wider.

The car is powered by 528 Keith Black Hemi Mill, 1471 Blower, two 1050 Dominator Carburetors, and Quick Change rear-end. This 1930 Ford A coupe Radical Rod “ABSURD” makes about 1300 horsepower.

This car isn’t all for show either, its daily driven and has made a few 1/8th mile pass at the drag strip with its best ET being 6.15 @ 110 MPH (the car is estimated to be a 9-second car in the ¼ mile).

“ABSURD” Radical Rod is a car built by Imagination, blood, sweat, and tears. It’s the kind of car that reminds us of when we were young when we use to dream of having a real version of our hot wheels car. It’s that car made of dreams.

Source: throttlextreme.com


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