This 1000-HP Ram 1500 TRX Has Two Turbos and a Supercharger

This 1000-HP Ram 1500 TRX Has Two Turbos and a Supercharger

The Ram 1500 TRX is one of the most ridiculous vehicles on sale today. Thanks to a widened track, flared fenders, and a set of massive off-road tires, it’s supremely imposing on the road. Under the hood sits a 6.2-liter supercharged Hellcat V-8 that makes more than enough power for any sane individual. But for some people, the lone supercharger isn’t enough.

The Street Speed 717 YouTube channel—the same channel whose host was ordered to pay $53,000 in fines after jumping his TRX over a creek—recently unveiled its latest project, an Ignition orange-painted 1500 TRX that’s been treated to a twin-turbo kit courtesy of New Jersey-based shop RipaTuned.

No, RipaTuned didn’t remove the supercharger and replace it with two turbos. The supercharger is still there. The turbos are mounted past the engine near the transmission, tucked above the TRX’s factory skidplate. This truck is twin-charged and now makes a claimed 1000 horsepower. Could this be the most insane TRX on the planet? We think so.

After picking up the car from the tuner shop, Street Speed 717 proceeds to take its brightly colored Ram to the nearest closed-course and drive the truck as intended, pulling massive slides and hitting huge jumps. This is still a TRX, after all. So it has no problem handling whatever’s thrown at it. Now, though, it sounds even rowdier and goes way quicker than before.


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