1968 Mustang Fastback “The Boss” – Sounding Really Like a Boss

“The Boss” – 1968 Mustang Fastback by Kindig It Design

This car was built from the ground up and the name shows how confident they are with their built, since the simply named it BOSS.

This thing really sounds like a Boss, with its dual exhaust it helps the whole neighborhood enjoy its tunes. Amongst the awards that this vehicle has been crowned with are the “Utah`s Finest”, car festival in Salt Lake the “Colorado Good Guys contest”.

The engine is breathing with a help of a ProCharger that is forcing huge gulps of air inside the cylinders making it more powerful across the rev range.

If there is one thing we are not quite sure enough, that would have to be the wheels, maybe they are not best suited for a muscle car, what do you think?

Source: Youtube/ogdenchrome

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