The production of the GTO skyrocketed for the model year 1965, as Pontiac ended up building over 75,000 units, up from approximately 32,400 units in 1964.

Parked in a garage back in 2000, this GTO obviously requires plenty of work and dealing with the rust on the floors and in the trunk should be the top priority for whoever ends up buying it.

As for what’s under the hood, this GTO was born and still comes with a 389 (6.3-liter) Tri-Power unit that was running before the car ended up in the garage. However, the owner says the engine “smoked like a chimney,” and right now, it looks like the V8 is still free and turns over.

Restoring this Pontiac GTO will clearly be a challenging and lengthy project, but such a car can end up being worth quite a small fortune if everything is done properly.

h/t: // eBay seller nuclearlemon

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