(1969) Ford Mustang “Yakuza Boss” Rendering Is a Mix of East and West…

Classic Muscle

This Mustang is the artistic creation of Brad Builds, a renderer known for mixing elements from different cultures. While the artist is in the middle of moving from LA to Texas and didn’t provide the juicy details of his work, we can do our best to fill in the gaps.

In all likelihood, the 3D model used to be a 1969 Mustang Mach 1, though you can get similar results with a Boss 302. Then again, we just showed you an amazing sinister black pony that looks the part but started life as your average fastback.

The big one is at the front. Because the Mustang sits so low it’s touching the ground, the wheels have to go right through the front fenders, creating a racecar-like appearance. We’ve seen similar things from Rostislav Prokop and his 3D muscle cars.

When it comes to the nose, it’s easy to spot the chin spoiler and black bumper. But you might miss the extra intakes, probably there to cool the brakes. While this is a static project, you have to imagine that it’s meant to go really fast on the race track, since there’s virtually no suspension travel.

So why did we name this “Yakuza Boss.” Because we needed a way to connect the Boss series of Mustangs with the JDM style. Over the past year, we’ve seen various reports that the famous Japanese mods are on the decline due to laws that make it impossible for Yakuza members to conduct their legal actions, such as opening bank accounts or having contracts. You can even get arrested for being associated with them.

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