The Brutal V8 Sound of Trans Am Boss 302 Mustang (Video)

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This is a genuine article Kar Kraft Trans Am 1970 Ford Mustang. It is the third Boss 302 (BME number 3) worked by Bud Moore Engineering for the ’71 season with the expectation to be a reinforcement vehicle for Peter Gregg and George Follmer. It stayed available for later all through the whole season, yet the 1970 Mustang was most likely determined by George Follmer or Peter Gregg during testing.

In 1972 Bud Moore sold the Boss 302 to Morris Davis in Florida where the Trans Am race vehicle was fitted with the 350 OHV V8 motor finished off with Holley 4-barrel carburetor and appraised at 500 torque. The 1970 Ford Mustang had a broad dashing vocation during the years and is at present piece of the Jim Click’s Ford Performance Collection.

Look at the Crown Concepts video to see and hear a greater amount of this Boss 302 Mustang!

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