Intimidating 1970 Mustang Pro Street Build (Video)

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This Pro Street 1970 Ford Mustang construct was actioned the previous summer, yet is underhanded to the point that I think even the perfectionists will like it. Mirror finish Black paint, enormous hood scoop and fat elastic at the back, the appearance is at least somewhat scary. The 8-point move confine in it discloses to me the horse wasn’t fabricated only to look good.

The core of this Pro Street 1970 Ford Mustang is an assembled SVO block with a 427 stroker pack dressed with Brodix heads and strong roller cam evaluated at 600hp. The force is constrained by turn around valve body C4 trans and limited 9″ Ford. On the off chance that 600hp isn’t sufficient, there is a fogger reformist 300 HP nitrous framework.

Play the Macs Movie Cars video to see the threatening 1970 Mustang right around.

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