Ed Curlee’s Immaculate ’69 Ford Mustang 347 Build (Video)

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You don’t will see numerous 347 controlled ’69 Mustangs, yet Ed’s Sportsroof isn’t your normal custom form and it doesn’t pack a standard 347 stroker set up all things considered. Look at the video we set up for this honor winning 1969 Ford Mustang and read more subtleties beneath:

In adoration with the notable body plan, Ed Curlee from Locust, North Carolina bought this 1969 Ford Mustang Sportsroof in April of 2018 from Connecticut. Vehicle was a unique DSO to Boston region and consumed its whole time on earth here. Ed is the fourth glad proprietor of a 52 year old work of art.

Continuously cherished the styling of the ’69 Mustang with the fly enlivened air scoops, smooth body lines, cockpit style drivers compartment, crease down back seat, quad headlights (just year of the early gens that had that include) and the eternity celebrated introduction of the shaker hood.

As you previously found in the video, Ed’s 1969 Mustang Sportsroof isn’t actually a reestablished exemplary, however to a greater degree a restomodded vehicle. A first class restomod I would state and the evidence of that are the “Best 69-70” grant at the 2019 Mustang Week Myrtle Beach, SC, and the “Boss” grant at the 2020 Mustang Week.

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