1955 Ford F100 Story About Truck Owner Duke’s Garage

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55 f100 my grandpa purchased to pull a race vehicle to the track. One Friday night in 62 after a race and a few beverages my grandpa said he missed driving his hacked roadster so he planned to slash the 55. No one paid attention to him, however he cleaved the truck throughout the end of the week and was driving it the following week to work. He at that point added a 62 drifter grille topsy turvy, inclined quad headlights, stacks and painted it red Kandy. A long time later he offered it to my father when he turned 15. He painted silver with dark scallops and white pinstripes. Met and dated my mother in it. He pulled it separated to revamp before I was conceived and consistently discussed assembling it.

Raising a family and running his own business prevented him from ever finishing the truck. When he passed away unexpectedly at the age of 53 I pick up the truck and worked on it nearly nonstop for two years until it was finished. There are very few panels our pieces that where not heavily modified or built from scratch. Brandy wine Kandy paint.

A decent bit of the fabricate was recorded on the carport diary under “slashed 55 f100”.I plan to send you some inside pictures however it will presumably be around evening time. I made a shifter handle out of my grandpas most loved body hammer. There is a cool story behind the mallet. Likewise did a lot of metal fab within.

This picture is next to my uncles 55. Cool to see next to a truck with a stock body.

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